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  • Steve Challis was born in 1948 in the United Kingdom. The son of a Farmer, he grew up in the Rural Cotswold’s where he learned shooting and hunting on the farm where his Father worked. After leaving school, he enlisted in the Royal Air Force, and following a 5-year engagement, Steve joined the Hampshire Constabulary in 1974, serving as a Police officer for 21 years. During his police service, Steve became a certified Firearms instructor with the NRA (GB) and the NSRA (National Small Bore Rifle main shooting organizations in the UK. He was also secretary of the divisional police-shooting club.

  •  In 1995 Steve left the Police Force, where he had seen the slow erosion of gun rights in the UK.

  • Following his Police career, he became active in Politics - joining the UKIP. Steve campaigned in several local and National Elections, culminating in his being selected by his Party to fight for the Parliamentary seat for the Eastleigh Constituency in the UK General Election, in 2001. In 2006, Steve met Eva, an American Forest Service worker in Alaska, via the Internet, and in 2007 they became engaged. The following November, Steve moved to the USA and He and Eva were Married in Ketchikan, Alaska. In 2009, Eva was posted to Winchester, Kentucky and the couple settled on a small farm in Jeffersonville near Mount Sterling. Initially they raised chickens, and still do, but the impact of the gun ban in the UK and the resulting rise in violent crime there, was sending a clear message to the USA and prompted a return to the political scene.

  • Although Steve has no intention of engaging in party politics, he began to actively campaign on behalf of the NRA. In 2010, Steve and Eva opened Harmony Hollow Firearms Training, a firearms training school. And this has grown considerably in the past 2 years. Steve was asked to speak at 2 gun rights rallies at the State capitol, and was persuaded to write a book detailing his experiences with gun rights as both a police officer and politician. The book ‘Debarred the Use of Arms’ was published in March 2012, by Outskirts Press and is available from Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and most on line shops worldwide.  He has been in demand as a speaker at local events and is now a permanent US resident. Steve is a tireless campaigner for the Second Amendment and the rights of Gun Owners. He addressed the NRA National Convention in 2012 at St Louis, MO, on the subject of foreign NRA membership. He has also appeared on the Louisville local TV program 'Pure Politics', where he debated gun control with a liberal gun control lawmaker. He also  did a 1 hour morning radio stint on 'The Dan Manley Show' on WMST in Mount Sterling. Steve is an Endowment member of the NRA, a Certified Concealed Carry Instructor and Trainer with the State of Kentucky. He also holds multiple NRA instructor ratings.

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