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Death Before Dishonor

The True Story of
The Confederate States of America

On June 17 2015 a disturbed 21 year old man named Dylann Roof arrived at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, where there was a bible class in progress.

Although it was most unusual for a white person to attend a black church, nevertheless, Roof was made welcome by the Pastor, and sat through the class.  At the end of the class Roof stood up, produced a Glock  Mod 41,  45 caliber handgun and shot dead eight people, and seriously wounded a ninth who died later in the hospital.  He spared one of the churchgoers present and stated he was leaving her alive to testify to his reasons why he did, what he did.  These included a bizarre statement to the effect that; he had to do it, you rape our women, and are taking over our country, and you have to go.

By swiftly changing magazines he reloaded his handgun 6 times.  Finally, the witness reported he put the gun to his own head, but it failed to fire.  He then fled the scene.

Later he was arrested and charged with the killings.
As often happens following such an event, the media went into a frenzy.  The Police had their man, and they also began to try and discover what had driven him to carry out such an act. 

Part of that investigation included seizing computers and examining websites that he had contributed to.  These revealed a tormented man who was obsessed with racist views against all non-whites.  His blogs and posted photographs were examined and showed him posing with various extremist emblems, including the Rhodesian State and the Confederate Battle Flag, plus KKK and other white supremacist group related objects.
However, it was the photos of him with the Confederate Battle flag that caused the most reaction.  This was primarily politically driven by those who saw an opportunity to blame the attack on the Republican Party.  Strangely, they ignored the fact that emancipation was brought about by the Republican Party against fierce opposition from the Democrats.  However, this does not matter to those who have no knowledge or interest in the facts.  They invented a reason for the killing and blamed it on the Republican Party.  Such dangerous rhetoric spread quickly.  This is not only totally incorrect historically; it is also dangerous to America society.
In this book I have given the facts as recorded and archived.  All are verifiable for those who wish to check my facts.  Some people will never accept any facts that disagree with their inaccurate and twisted ideology.  They will object and probably resort to name calling and or threats against me. 

For this is the only answer such people have, when given the truth they don’t want to hear. 

Every American has views on the Civil war, its rights and wrongs and its legacy. 

It is not my purpose to comment on such matters.  I give you the historical facts; you have to decide how you interpret them.

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