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Debarred the use Of Arms


(2nd Edition now available on Kindle and in paperback  from Amazon )

Foreword by Lt Col, Dave Grossman 

On April 19th, 1775, an attempt by British troops to confiscate guns from Americans triggered a revolution. In the war that followed, General Washington didn't use his right to free speech to defeat the British; he shot them. Well! He and several thousand of his fellow armed citizens did. When the victors of this revolution took power, they established a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. All of these "Rights" were intended to protect the individual citizens from their government.   

The first such right was the First Amendment: the right to free speech. The very next thing that the Founding Fathers carved into our national DNA was the Second Amendment: the right to keep and bear arms. You see, they knew the Founding Fathers had learned at a tragic cost, that there can be no "rights" unless the citizens can protect themselves from their government. Without the Second Amendment we would today have only "privileges" granted by the government. And what the government gives, the government can take away. And yet, as clear and powerful as the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights may be, there are those in our nation who would twist and distort the original intent of the Founding Fathers and take away that right. These gun control advocates, these gun grabbers, would make us a nation like; well! Like England. The British had no such guarantee; no right to keep and bear arms was established and imprinted indelibly in their national heritage. Today the citizens of that once proud nation have paid a tragic price, because their government can, and has, taken away their right to defend themselves. The situation in Great Britain today, as well reflected by this book, is so bizarre, that it almost defies belief.  

In several cases, those who have used firearms in defense of their homes have been convicted and imprisoned, while the criminals are released. Home invasions are a very common crime, because the criminals know that citizens are unarmed and cannot fight back. Thus, creating a pervasive climate of fear, and a citizenry held hostage. They have truly become the land envisioned in the movie, ‘A Clockwork Orange.’ 

It is a mad, insane world in which the government acts to protect the criminals, passing law after law in the flawed belief that criminals will obey these laws. But criminals, by definition, will always disobey the law! British friends of mine who come to visit the US will often go shopping for a set of steak knives, because they can't get them in England! Steak knives are not (yet) outright banned in England, but the concern for liability is so great that stores won't sell them. What will they try to regulate next? Swords? (No, they already regulated those!) Sticks? Rocks? What will they try to regulate next?

England has tried to license, control, and confiscate all guns for 50 years. This is a small, island nation with complete control of their borders, who have pursued these policies for over 50 years, and yet gun crime is on the rise! And thus the book that you hold in your hands is one of the most important books to be published in recent years, written by a former British law enforcement officer, with a vital message that we must read and heed.

If England cannot make gun control work, then there is no way on earth that it will ever work in the US. All England has succeeded in doing is to create one vast "unarmed victim zone.” And that is the future of our nation if the gun grabbers have their way! We are in a battle for the future, soul and safety of our nation and my good friend Stephen Challis is uniquely qualified to give us this message. Do not just read this book. Study it. Apply it. And pass it on, with urgency, to others. If the gun grabbers have their way, then England is our future. And it is a dark and desperate future, indeed.                

LT. COL. DAVE GROSSMAN, U.S. Army (Ret.)             
Director, Killology Research Group

Excerpt from Chapter 5(Second Edition)

The total ban on all modern handguns in 1988, following the Dunblane massacre in Scotland, was, if you believed the British Government, going to herald in a safer society. Well, in the years since, what has actually happened?   Statistics, put out by the Government, The Gun Control Network and other sources were completely at odds with each other, both in the UK and elsewhere. So, to put things into perspective let us concentrate on gun violence, which is the use of firearms by criminals.   A Home Office study published in 2007 reported that gun crime in England & Wales remained a relatively rare event. Firearms (including air guns) were used in 21,521-recorded crimes. It said that injury caused during a firearm offense was rare, with fewer than 3% resulting in a serious or fatal injury. The number of homicides per year committed with firearms had remained between a range of 49 and 97 in the eight years prior to 2006. There were two fatal shootings of police officers in England and Wales in this period, and 107 non-fatal shootings, an average of 9.7 per year over the same period. Comparisons between the U.S.A. and the UK, of course have to take into account the population and size of each country. Most statisticians (Gun Control Network excepted) use the ratio of 1 to 100,000 per population, so let us begin there. In 2005-6 the police in England and Wales reported fifty gun homicides, a rate of 0.1 illegal gun deaths per 100,000 of population. Only 6.6% of homicides involved the use of a firearm. By way of international comparison, in 2004, the police in the United States reported 9,326 gun homicides. The overall homicide rates per 100,000 (regardless of weapon type) reported by the United Nations for 1999 were 4.55 for the U.S. and 1.45 in England and Wales. It is not known on what basis these figures were compiled.

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