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The Gun Free
Killing Zones of America

The creation of Gun Free zones at our schools has been an unmitigated disaster. It has led to the mass shootings in schools across the USA. Sandy Hook, Columbine, and Virginia Tech were declared off limits to all gun carry, Off limits that is but for the  criminals who are the ones actually carrying out the carnage. This book examines the history of the gun free zones. The lawmakers who voted for it, and the politicians who strive to keep our children in harms way.

The following is a sample from the book, Chapter 2

As both Vympel and Alpa teams moved through the building the terrorists tried to fall back and regroup , They were ruthlessly cut down with no attempt at taking prisoners. These troops had seen the slaughter and torture of these helpless  children first hand, they were out to ensure that not one terrorist survived.  In this they appeared to be almost totally successful . It is however likely that some terrorists did escape in the confusion. It is still unknown exactly how many terrorist took part. What is known however is the sickening death toll.  338 dead and 700 wounded  including 161 children.   Of course Beslan terrorists did make demands as did the 9/11 highjackers ,but these demands were purely a feint designed to delay and counter offensive while plans were put into effect to kill as many people as possible.  This mass murder concept was not immediately realized by the authorities . At Beslan much time was wasted while various police and military commanders debated and argued as to how to proceed. Should similar disorganization occur in the USA at a similar event the death toll will likely be even higher.  So is that likely . During the closing days of the Iraq war US special forces raided a compound of one of the leaders of Saddam Hussein’s Baath separatist party . The US forces recovered much valuable data. Including communications from the Terror mastermind Osama Bin laden. Also was a detailed set of plans of 5 Texas Elementary schools. Detailing entrances ,caretakers and staff. The question is why would such details be of any use to an Iraqi official with ties to Osama Bin Laden?  The answer is almost too dark to contemplate.       

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