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Wildcat Mountain
An Historic Novel
In 1782, the State of Kentucky did not exist. The land we now call a State was largely unexplored wilderness. The City of Lexington was a small settlement with less than 10 houses.  Mount Sterling, Clay City, Winchester and Stanton were still a long way from coming into being.  Most of the land was wooded with wide areas of pastureland, Bison and Deer were plentiful, and settlers had only been venturing into the area for around two years, thanks to the efforts of Daniel Boone, who had blazed a trail through the Cumberland Gap. 
Settlements such as they were, were sporadic, and frontier forts were established to offer some protection. The land was occupied in the most part by Wyandotte (Huron) Indians.

The War of Independence was drawing to a close and most of the hostilities between the Wyandotte and the Settlers were due to British involvement. The British hired the Indians to attack and take scalps of Colonial settlers, for which they paid a bounty.
Wildcat Mountain takes its name from the mountain that separates the towns of Stanton and Mount Sterling. In 1782, neither of these towns existed. This Novel is a no holds barred account of the year know to history as The Year of Blood. The events chronicled actually happened and have been dramatized. We see the hardship horrors and the struggle on this early frontier through the eyes of two fictional heroes, William Tritt, a young Militia Officer, and Becky Reid, a frontierswoman who saw her father killed by Indians as a child and grew up with a blood-lust to wreak revenge on the Wyandotte tribe.

Wildcat Mountain is not a Novel for the faint hearted. It contains scenes of graphic torture and murder taken from the actual eye witness accounts. It also tells the story of an unlikely romance between two unlikely characters who are struggling to maintain their sanity in an insane time.

Publication date 2014 
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