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Stephen Challis

Stephen Challis is a former British Police Officer who emigrated to the USA in 2008. A former political activist in the UK where he was selected as a candidate for his region in the 2001 UK General Election.  Stephen has always been a supporter of the right to keep and bear arms, and during his 21 year Police career he was active in promoting responsible gun ownership. For a while, he ran his Divisional Police Pistol Section. After leaving the Police force in 1995 he remained active in promoting shooting and gun rights, up to the Governments decision to ban all modern handguns. Since moving to the USA, Stephen has become a staunch advocate for gun rights and the Second Amendment. He frequently is asked to speak at gun rights rallies and as an after dinner speaker at meetings of such organizations as The Lions Club. His first book, 'Debarred the use of Arms' was published in March 2012 and is currently available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel plus  on line via Kindle. In 2014, Steve branched out with his first novel 'The White Silk Scarf'. The novel was a second round winner in the Amazon Breakthrough Novelist Awards of 2014, placing in the top 500 entries. The book is set in 1940 during the Battle of Britain in Southern England. It is a story of Espionage, Murder, Romance and Mystery involving a shot down German Pilot and a local girl who falls for him, not realizing his true identity. The book is available on Amazon and Kindle.

Stephen, and his wife Eva, currently live in Jeffersonville, Kentucky, where they have a small farm. They jointly run Harmony Hollow Firearms Training, LLC which is a shooting school, teaching self defense and general safe firearms use.

Latest News
Currently Steves new historic Novel Cruel is the Snow. Is availble on Kindle and Amazon.This is a graphic and gruesome account of one nof the most gruesome murders in Scottish history, The Glencoe Massacre. 
 I have placed an extract on the Cruel is the Snow page.


   Steve on a recent flight over Lexington

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